Caption Competition

September 2015

We're going to need a bigger boat

We’re going to need a bigger boat

Winner for no particular reason was James Penders ‏@JPenders4West

‘We are gonna need a bigger boat.’

James Penders ‏@JPenders4West

“Looks like a job for G4S!”

Ephemerid213 ‏@ephemerid213 

Another person on Benefit in the boot only 500 thousand to go.

eric connor ‏@foxyeric

“I told you we could kidnap Corbyn! Now let’s cut his ear off to Stealers Wheel!”

David Camoron ‏@DCamoron

There a rare breed those poor chaps:

Lady Angela indy2 ‏@SCOTSANGEL1

Cameron,Smith,Osborne taken UK to affront of UN investigation

PAT BURT ‏@patmcburt

Here lies the body of the welfare state…..

Ephemerid213 ‏@ephemerid213

“So THAT’S the Northern Powerhouse!”

Ephemerid213 ‏@ephemerid213

DC “Are you sure he’s fit for work?” IDS “being dead is no excuse – sanctions will motivate his lazy arse.” – Satire

Martin House ‏@MartinHouseUK

DC: I don’t care how we do it, just get these dead bodies & wheelchairs off the factory floor before the press get hold of this!

Soul Searching ‏@Dru_Anu

“Now get out of that f**king coffin, our records say you’re Fit for Work.”

suerose ‏@mykkym1

“Do you think this bad news is buried deep enough? Can we close the lid?” Ange ‏@Afl2277

Okay. We’ve got blood on our hands, but no one’s sussed us yet. Waldoshell ‏@Willshellzander 

Oh shit! Someone’s made off with me stash of coke!

Terry Davies ‏@terry48davies

Lets play ping pong? your turn

Angie Meader ‏@AngieMeader

I’v got the body of another #DWPDeaths victim Boss, where shall I hide it?

KCL Jo Davies ‏@kcldav43

Iain, when I said take care of the benefit scroungers …

Michael ‏@PrinceJasper 

No – this one’s the NHS – the welfare system is in that coffin over there

Bob Miller ‏@hctbn

And stay down you peasant…

ricksta ‏@ply4hyre

Now listen up chaps i told you 14 migrants will not fit in a mondeo.

ricksta ‏@ply4hyre

“Ah..sweet demos..if only the plebs knew how cleverly we kidnapped her…”

Patrick Fry ‏@prcfry

it’s that corbyn innit, must have put a spanner in the works

pierre ‏@peaton1326

I always knew we’d have to dig him up!

Diane Soye ‏@disoye


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