Occasionally we come across images that are just too good to pass bye and so we’ve reproduced them here. We’ve credited the people that posted them and let them know when possible.

It may be that these people didn’t originate the work so if you know who did or if it was you then please do get in touch so we can give credit where it’s due (or remove the image if you’d prefer).

If you know of an image you think we should include in the gallery we’d also love to hear from you. You might want to post it to @MaxAlbedo on twitter so we can have a look.

Thanks a lot to all contributers

MHealth Extremist ‏@wildwalkerwoman

MHealth Extremist ‏@wildwalkerwoman copy

Ealing Flâneur ‏@EalingFlaneur

Ealing Flâneur ‏@EalingFlaneur